Friday, October 07, 2011

Breath of Embers:Art of Dragons Gallery Nucleus

The Dragon art show is this Saturday October 8th at Gallery Nucleus

This is the piece I made for the show. It is inspired by a Norwegian dragon myth.
I found the story on the website
"Like St. George and the Dragon, many other stories have been told about dragons and the heroes who kill them. One story like this comes from Norway. The king left his daughter in the castle while he went away on a long trip. He left her a tiny dragon to be her guardian. The princess was skeptical of the tiny creatures, fearing that it could not protect her. However, the dragon soon grew into a large monster. He soon became too good of a guardian for the princess when he grew large enough to wrap his body all around the castle and not let anyone in or out of it. When the king returned home, even he was not permitted inside the castle. The only thing to do was to kill this dragon, so the king offered his the marriage of his daughter to anyone who could kill this dragon. No man in Norway was capable, but a man in Sweden finally killed the beast. As his reward he married the princess and they returned to Sweden together."

This piece measures 17x21x4 and is in a box frame that opens from the front.